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Feb. 2017

Des Moines-- The worst of the winter is over and it’s got me thinking of connecting, you know, with people.

After playing at Lefty’s a few months back it was apparent the live music is still something that gives back to both the musicians and the audience. I am anxious to begin the process of building community through music. Young and old, hipsters and squares all need to come up and together we can create a most sublime live music experience.

Even with the modern conveniences of today, I think humans still like to enjoy the music for its own sake as well as music in connection with just causes.

I’m discovering now that there are certainly no shortage of things that need support and if music can be of service to that cause then we’ve found our purpose.

Thinking of SUMMER MUSIC?

We’ll be doing another one of our completely crazy but fun Summer Music workshops at Des Moines North High School. Probably in June or early July depending on student demand, we’ll be offering young people a pretty wonderful array of things to do over a 10-day period.  Improvisation skills, rhythmic development, music technology training and, of course, ear training are all combined with fresh approach that we’ve become pretty famous for. Students of all ages love it and I’m still getting teary thinking of some of the success stories that we’ve been a part of over the years.

If you’re a musician, parent, band director or friend who knows someone that might benefit from this then please be in contact.  See my email link above.

[Chase Archives Updates]

We just completed a successful upgrade so you can now make donations or purchase my music and services online. From my Chase archive CDs  to the vintage goodness of my critically acclaimed album to my services as a jazz educator, it’s now possible to easily order and purchase never-before-available music from a career that began in 1969.

It’s really funny that considering music is my life, I’ve not offered much of it in a commercial fashion.  That is now in the past.

Come on over the to Blog and I’ll reveal the big plan.....


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