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April 2017

Des Moines--

As Jazz Appreciation Month swings on I’d like to take this time to acknowledge the ones who brought me into the music more than a few decades ago. It has been a journey of discovery every day since I began this career of cacophony.

I have the artifacts all around me. The excitement and wonder at creating new tunes or new tones never goes away. There is a reason for that.

The ones who taught me were the ones who instilled that deep love of working hard to achieve..no matter the endeavor. Fortunately my folks were people of music, love and voracious curiosity about the world.

I have to thank Mary Alice Thompson and Ellsworth Thomas Brown for giving me life and music. Two pretty big gifts right there. our household was pretty alive with music of all sorts but it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I discovered for myself what music could do for me; that it could save my life.

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Big congratulations to the newest inductees to the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame.

As a 2003 inductee to the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame, I’ve always had a soft spot for this feisty Des Moines group that has always been there for those who play America’s roots music. Blues, Jazz, Rock ‘n Roll all branches off the same American tree. 

So congrats to guitarist J.C. Anderson, guitarist Tony Blew, bassist Dan “DJ” Johnson, Ellis Kell and posthumously, drummer Sonny Lott. All pros, all road worthy who between them have given a couple of hundred years to the music.  Congratulations and welcome aboard.


This is Jazz Appreciation Month and in 2002, April was designated as Jazz Appreciation Month in the USA as a direct result of advocacy by an incredible constituency of artists, educators, policymakers and civic leaders.

I produced a set of workshops and classroom visits in 2002 during the original launch of the initiative.

Please join me over at the blog where we can explore what Jazz has meant to us in the past, and where it will go in the future.

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Thinking of SUMMER MUSIC?

We’ll be doing another one of our completely crazy but fun Summer Music workshops at Des Moines North High School. Probably in June or early July depending on student demand, we’ll be offering young people a pretty wonderful array of things to do over a 10-day period.  Improvisation skills, rhythmic development, music technology training and, of course, ear training are all combined with fresh approach that we’ve become pretty famous for. Students of all ages love it and I’m still getting teary thinking of some of the success stories that we’ve been a part of over the years.

If you’re a musician, parent, band director or friend who knows someone that might benefit from this then please be in contact.  See my email link above.

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We just completed a successful upgrade so you can now make donations or purchase my music and services online. From my Chase archive CDs  to the vintage goodness of my critically acclaimed album to my services as a jazz educator, it’s now possible to easily order and purchase never-before-available music from a career that began in 1969.


Victor Wooten in Des Moines 4/17

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April 21, 2017        Jazz Appreciation Month

With Gary Willis BP Live LA


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Chick,Yoshi & Dartanyan Oakland

Lee Sklar & DB Bass Player Live 

Los Angeles

April is Jazz Appreciation Month

It’s more important than ever to celebrate creativity, individuality and the artistic triumph that Jazz music represents.