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August  2017

It was this day in 1974 that radically changed my life. Bill Chase, the leader of the band under his name and one of the world’s great trumpet players was killed in a Minnesota plane crash on this day--the same day that Richard Nixon resigned the presidency!

Of course, Nixon’s untimely disgrace took the big news of the day but for those of us who knew BC, it was a devastating loss that many of us still feel.

Bill wasn’t the only one of us to leave on that fateful day. We also remember and honor drummer Walter Clark, Keyboardist Wally Yohn and Guitarist John Emma band members who I still miss today.

I will be listening to my Chase archives today, not with sadness, but with love and admiration for a band and a time in history where excellence was an everyday requirement and something we would forever dedicate our efforts toward.

Miss you Bill, Wally, Johnny and Walter.

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We just completed a successful upgrade so you can now purchase my Chase archive CDs  much more easily

Coming in September

We’ll see you September 2nd at the Des Moines Social Club where I’ll be premiering new material at the Des Moines Jazz Festival.

Featuring Tanner Taylor on piano, my new jazz show will be featuring electric and acoustic music both vocal and instrumental. The performance is from 2-3 pm so please, don’t miss it. If you need more information please email me. Links to the right on this page above.

I’ll also be announcing the release of Iowa Blues All-Stars Live in Marion.

It’s a 2008 live recording which features Blues Hall of Famers Steve Hayes, drums, Ron Dewitte guitar, and Sam Salomone B3. I played some bass(!) sang a little and had a great time producing for the release. Stay tuned.

[Chase Archives Updates]

We just completed a successful upgrade so you can now purchase my Chase archive CDs  much more easily

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Big congratulations to the newest inductees to the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame.

As a 2003 inductee to the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame, I’ve always had a soft spot for this feisty Des Moines group that has always been there for those who play America’s roots music. Blues, Jazz, Rock ‘n Roll all branches off the same American tree. 

So congrats to guitarist J.C. Anderson, guitarist Tony Blew, bassist Dan “DJ” Johnson, Ellis Kell and posthumously, drummer Sonny Lott. All pros, all road worthy who between them have given a couple of hundred years to the music.  Congratulations and welcome aboard.


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Victor Wooten in Des Moines 4/17

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August 9, 2017      

With Gary Willis BP Live LA


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BILL CHASE 1934-1974

Dartanyan with Jane Dowling (Wally Yohn) Gerri Crawford (John Emma) and Wendy Antonia (Walter Clark’s daughter) Minneapolis 2007 Chase Reunion