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Shout out to the Tiny House Jamboree folks in Colorado Springs, Colo. We (visual artist Paula Egan and I) will be in the Springs for THJ August 7-9, 2015.

I’ll be playing a set on the opening night 7:30PM and Paula will have her “Tiny Art for Tiny Houses” on offer.

If you’re simplifying your life and want to be inspired by folks dedicated to this principle, I invite you to join us next month.

In other news:

Dartanyan dot com is 15 years old this month!

I’ve owned this domain since 1999 and in those early days, just having a web address was a big deal. Today, its hard to grasp just how many domains and subdomains now exist.

If you Google “Dartanyan”, we come up first (with images too). That should tell you how long we’ve been around. No marketing savvy, just longevity.

Search engines, (bless their little algorithmic hearts) dutifully  index and elevate whatever’s there. What’s it worth to come up first?

With that said, let’s head over to the blog to continue..

[Chase Archives Updates]

We just completed a successful upgrade so you can now make donations or purchase my music and services online. From my Chase archive CDs  to the vintage goodness of my critically acclaimed album to my services as a jazz educator, it’s now possible to easily order and purchase never-before-available music from a career that began in 1969.

It’s really funny that considering music is my life, I’ve not offered much of it in a commercial fashion.  That is now in the past.

Come on over the to Blog and I’ll reveal the big plan.....

Evening: 01/05/15

A great year has passed but a brand new one is here with even more promise. 2015 is a special year for me celebrating 25 years in Marin county.

I’ll be reviewing some great highlights of the past quarter century but for now...

A feeling of gratitude for family, friends, fans each one the fruit of many years of effort. I hope everyone who drops by here will be encouraged to be appreciative of each others gifts as human beings. May you also speak out when you see something or someone who needs help. We are all one in our human journey. The time is now to start living the reality as if it matters....because it does.

[UPDATE} (see you on the blog)

Well, the Labor Day weekend is almost upon us and that means the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Associations’ Hall of Fame ceremonies are slated for labor day at Lake Okiboji  in Northern Iowa.

I was inducted for the first time back in 2011 as an individual performer but this year I’m honored to be connected to two more inductees.

The Jazz-Rock band Chase is being inducted along with Des Moines’ Captain Beefheart and the Shipwrecks this year. My connection to both bands is deep.

In the meantime, my son Jaimeo is beginning work on his second album for the Motema label. His creative partner, guitarist Chris Sholar is coming up with some great new music and I’m helping with production and sound design so stay tuned. They (Jaimeo, Chris and tenor saxophone master JD Allen)  just returned from the Love Supreme Festival in London where their band Transcendence shared the bill with John Scofield, Dave Holland, Derrick Hodge and Lailah Hathaway.

I’m trying to be more social and since I have my own media outlet (this site) this will be the only place you can see and hear Dartanyan.

I do like smugmug and linkedin however, and those links are over there on the right side of the page.

Now if you haven’t already...hit my blog to see and hear my thoughts on IRRHOF. Bless you all.


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