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In a world that has too many challenges to list, it’s more important then ever to know that underneath the veneer of nation, race, religion or politics, we’re all one in the animating spirit that brings breath to us every minute of our lives.

As the darkness of strife seem to overwhelm us, it only serves to wake those whose lives are dedicated to bringing light, kindness, love and vigilance. Time to be the light you want to see in the world.

Sometimes it may seems like the hardest thing in the world to drop the edge, and open  the heart but it is clear that there are no other choices. Oblivion will come soon enough, no reason to hurry it along.

It’ll be fun to be back at Marin Academy this fall but the big news is I’m preparing to do a series of rare live gigs here in Marin. Come over to my WordPress blog for details. Being back in Marin after my Iowa residency, I’m anxious to be connected.

I’m interested in being more social and since I own my own media outlet (this site) I guess I don’t need facebook nor google.

I do like smugmug and linkedin (links to the right over there..)

..more later....

Oh Yeah: Chase will be honored with Induction into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame on Labor Day. Unfortunately I won’t be in attendance but look for a special message here soon.


WithTed Nelson, San Rafael

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August 18, 2014               Happy New (academic) Year!

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