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Welcome to Volume two of Jaimeo Brown Transcendence.

Entitled Work Songs, this newest collection continues the thematic flavor of the first album. Vintage field recordings from famed musicologist Alan Lomax, are part of the mix alongside more from the haunting Gee’s Bend singers who so graced the first album.

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Joined by co-producer Chris Sholar and saxophonists JD Allen and Jaleel Shaw, JBTcontinue to weave an almost seamless tapestry of live improvisations along with underlying sounds samples.

The blending of acoustic and electronic textures has a warmly satisfying quality. Be So Glad is probably my favorite thus far because of the sonic texture they weave. All props to co-producer Chris Sholar for his genius both in sound design and some inspired guitar playing. These guys (along with a wider circle of contributors including the legendary singer Lester Chambers, flutist Marcia Miget, Jaimeo’s sister vocalist Marisha Rodriguez. 

The reviews are stellar including a nice Wall Street Journal review I’ll post later today.

It’s up on iTunes now! Here’s an interview and video from Vice magazine.

In other news:

Dartanyan dot com is 15 years old this month!

I’ve owned this domain since 1999 and in those early days, just having a web address was a big deal. 

If you Google “Dartanyan”, we come up first (with images too). That should tell you how long we’ve been around. No marketing savvy, just longevity.

Search engines, (bless their little algorithmic hearts) dutifully  index and elevate whatever’s there. What’s it worth to come up first?

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We just completed a successful upgrade so you can now make donations or purchase my music and services online. From my Chase archive CDs  to the vintage goodness of my critically acclaimed album to my services as a jazz educator, it’s now possible to easily order and purchase never-before-available music from a career that began in 1969.

It’s really funny that considering music is my life, I’ve not offered much of it in a commercial fashion.  That is now in the past.

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