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March 3, 2014

Looks like Jaimeo is about 20 Feet from Stardom...congratulations.

Me, I’m  polishing  up student projects involved with my residency  in Iowa  in preparation for  a spring harvest of new music from some unbelieveable student musicians. I just finished a very fun weeklong audio-for-video minicourse at Marin Academy in Northern Ca. Many thanks to Dave Roberts at Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) for  making Digital Performer 8 available to our students. Also thanks to Katherine LeRoy and the great staff at Emeryville’s Ex’pression College for the Digital Arts which hosted our students for a wonderful tour and workshop  on the fine points of producing industry standard  audio and video stuff.

I’m overwhelmed by the creativity of young people across the  United States but often I’m disturbed at the roadblocks set up to impede their progress. We’re dedicated to removing those roadbloacks.

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Fall 2013

Rotterdam, check;  Amsterdam, check;  Paris, check; and London, double -check!!

Jaimeo Brown Transcendence just off a fast and furious week on the continent. It looks like what they say is true: European audiences have always been more accepting and supportive of American musicians. That looks to be the case here as the guys burned through an 8-day tour including the London Jazz Festival leaving new fans, convinced critics and happy venue operators in their wake.


ACHTUNG!! Jaimeo , Chris and JD join American headliners John Scofield and Jack DeJohnette at the Berlin Jazz Festival this weekend.

Jaimeo Speaks to TEDx

Speaking of thought provoking discussions, the TED phenomenon has taken its place as the new American chautauqua.

Impressed by the vision apparent in the concept of Jaimeo’s  Transcendence recordings, the TED organization asked him about coming home to the Bay Area.

Purpose: to give a mini-lecture and performance for the first-ever TEDx held at Ex’pression College for the Digital Arts near Berkeley, CA.

Now obviously, I’m a fan but it was wonderful to see the positive response to the ideas Jaimeo presented and to the music that Chris and JD came with. Their show is evolving with each new performance. The video of his talk should be posted soon but for now...check out the guys in Emeryville, CA last week.



October 16, 2013

It has been a fantastic year so far. First and foremost we turn our home turf in San Francisco  where son Jaimeo returns home to present a provocative discussion on the future of music at a daylong TEDx gathering in Emeryville, this Saturday October 19, 2013.

On Monday October 21 Jaimeo and Transcendence will play at Kuumbia Jazz Club in Santa Cruz, CA.

We’ve all been working hard this year but none with more resolve than Jaimeo in guiding both his family and career in positive directions.

The team at Motéma has been tireless in working the entire planet in spreading the word about Jaimeo. We’ll have more details soon but we are hearing about an appearance at the World Music Awards in London in 2014.

The acceptance of Jaimeo Brown Transcendence around the world has been nothing short of amazing for an album that exhibits practically no easy listening cliches to comfort the ear. Like all important art, there is something about it that captures the time that ultimately produced it. As his album’s first track tells us about the “This World is a Mean World” We seem intent on proving that old spirituals’ lament a reality.

Hard times beget hard truths breaking down the community. So While there is much exciting news on the creative and educational front, we have to acknowledge the deep fissures appearing in our social and political realms. It is time to recover through art, through music, and through rigorous analysis, the way to knowing absolute human truth. It, like most everything else, is a skill you learn through life. How to know when you’re being bs’d about something. So to that end, I suggest you go here to read my thoughts on other issues.

For those of you who wanted something

The guys are on their way home from Germany this week after playing their first public performances since the completion of the album. I spoke with Mayo from  Berlin and  he expressed gratitude that the relationship with the audience is rising to a new level.

Guitarist Chris Sholar, a primary architect of the sound of Transcendence, was joined by his brother Kelvin for two dates in Prague. I don’t do facebook but for those that do, check Kelvin Sholar’s facebook page for pics. Videos to come.

This version of Transcendence is a reunion of friends who studied and jammed together at William Paterson University in 2001. (The recordings of Mayo’s senior recital in 2001, provides a glimpse into the future these young artists are now fully revealing to us.)

[disclaimer: I’m a part of the team that created this album under Jaimeo’s direction]

Jaimeo and (guitarist and co-producer) Chris Sholar are almost like a musical Jobs and Woz, with Sholar supplying the sonic engineering completing Jaimeo’s concept and vision.

Ok, here’s what others have said....

Almost forgot...you can head over to jaimeobrown.com and downl0ad a free track while you’re deciding to download the album from iTunes or purchase a CD over at Amazon.

Des Moines

 Jaimeo Brown Transcendence for Motema Records.

A Des Moines native, raised in Montana and the SF Bay area, Jaimeo is one of NYC’s most expressive contemporary drummer-producers today.  

His band including Chris Sholar, and tenor saxophone phenom J.D. Allen weave a particularly robust hybrid of Americana, African American rural church, Coltranesce bop with eastern Indian elements creating compelling images not heard/seen since I don’t know when.    

The legendary producer Russ Titelman, an early supporter, signed on as associate producer for this project, which should tell you something about the integrity Jaimeo brings to his process.

Check out JBT Live! in NYC from a festival last year. Thanks to Jana for the spotting the real essence of artistry.

Happy and Peaceful 2013


To all the kids I’ve taught this year, hang on it only gets better!!



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