Victor Wooten in Des Moines 4/17

January 21, 2019      

With Gary Willis BP Live LA

Chick Corea,Yoshi & Dartanyan, Oakland

Lee Sklar @ Bass Player Live 

Los Angeles

Newly available 
CD/Downloadable Jazz, Blues and Electronic compositions 

Iowa Blues All-Stars LIVE 

Live in Marion, IA. 
Iowa Blues Hall of Famers Ron Dewitte, guitar, Steve Hayes drums, Sam Salomone B3, Dartanyan Bass, vocals) 
Recorded Live 2008 The Liars Theater in Marion, Iowa and.... 

Live in Marin County
(Iowa Blues Hall of Famers Ron Dewitte, guitar, Dartanyan Bass, vocals, Big Mike Edwards Lead Vocals with Jaimeo Brown drums, Craig Horner B3 with 2005 California Poet Laureate Al Young. Recorded at Marin Academy in San Rafael, CA. (Also DVD Video available) 

Self Portrait 
(Songs My Guitar Taught Me)

Songs sparked from inspiration. Sometimes magic happens in the studio or when you’re sitting around with your guitar. Tuneful, melodic, improvisational, funky in some cases, atmospheric in others.  

Dartanyan Composer, Producer, Engineer

Ambience 100101 (Audio Art) 
The CalifornIowa Years

A collection of noise, neo-psychedelia, intergalactic-healing tones and music channeled back through time from my future self! 
Bracing yet soothing

 Available on request 415.806.1625https://dartanyan.com/wordpressshapeimage_17_link_0
Big Mike Edwards & Dartanyan https://dartanyan.com/JupiterUpAheadw/assets/player/KeynoteDHTMLPlayer.html#0

CASSINI-JUNO a sound design ‘homage’ to space exploration.

NASA JPL supplied the images.

Click the image then slip on the headphones.

Welcome aboard to all the readers of RootsTalk. Big Thanks to Jon Andelson and Mark Baechtel at Grinnell College for urging me to write about My Integrated Life. Enjoy your tour of my (rather crazy) site and don’t hesitate to contact me. The  Contact link is in the column at right. (Email me Stuff)

Dartanyan is a 5-time inductee to Iowa’s Rock ‘n Roll (3) Jazz (1) and Blues (1) Halls of Fame

A Sound Design Journey 

Jaimeo & Dartanyan Kansas City