New Year Many Challenges

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Urban myth? folk wisdom? Darwinian imperative? has been up and running with very few interruptions since I first became the master of the domain in 1999. As digital real estate goes, it’s a humble place, a place where things are still hand made for the most part.

I appreciate this place more now that I was unceremoniously disappeared by an incompetent ISP that I will name later. At this time I’m going to lavish praise on Network Solutions, my new domain mothership. NS has been there since before the dawn of the internet and thank god, they have retained a solid operation both in front and in back of the server cages. This blog is the second iteration of what had previously been a fine collection subjects, discussions and observations. That is now gone because a lazy or overworked contract worker at my old ISP simply didn’t take the time to do a complete job.  So after many years, I’m forced to try something new. Crisis? Opportunity!

Got Stress? Try some of my personal Sonic Somatics. Headphones are suggested.

The sounds, original music, interviews, mixes, soundtracks, archives and field recordings you hear at this site are part of the copyrighted audio palette produced by Dartanyan. To my brothers and sisters. Let’s make 2017 the foundation for a more just future!

About djTanyan

Netizen since '90. Artist Educator Sound Designer Improvising Musician Writer Renegade not Management material!
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