Thee, INTERVIEW – Luther Allison

Welcome to my new destination dedicated to unearthing and re-birthing. It’s a thing that’s more than a fling, but, the thing is what it is and THAT’s the thing. We hang with Beats & boppers, poets and rockers and drummers ahhh those drummers. Keepin’ the pulse alive while the rest are all drownin’ in jive…

..but wait, there’s more. The hero has awakened as usual just in the nick of time. It even comes with a rhyme. We’re out(side) of time but listen to the elders they’ve seen and they lived and they’ve learned much more than they’ll allow you now… Listen to the Elders and free your mind….

From the archives, we present, Luther Allison

An interview with then-42 year old Luther Allison by Dartanyan on KUCB FM radio Des Moines

Who: Luther Allison a world famous Blues musician, an electrifying performer and the most gracious person you’ll ever meet. He was in DM for three shows  in 1981 at So’s Your Mothers

How I met Luther: Jeff Todd produced a summer show in 1978 at the local ballpark (then called Sec Taylor Stadium and now called Principal Park), My band opened the show for Allison. His organist (Sid Wingfield from Cedar Rapids) was a long time friend too, so it was a special show. More on that later, but for now…. listen to Luther Allison hold forth on career and culture.

We look to thee, Interview, to enlighten us both young and old.

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